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Varn Supreme CA550

Varn Supreme CA550

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Varn®Supreme CA 550 fount is an economical, one-step fountain solution designed for use on a variety of presses, plates and substrates. Compatible with conventional, UV and hybrid technologies, Varn Supreme CA-550 is formulated with corrosion inhibitors to protect all parts of your printing press. In addition, at low dosages this product keeps the dampening system rollers clean throughout the press run, reducing your expenses while minimizing non-image piling and reducing the potential for picture framing.

Advantages of Varn® Supreme CA 550
• Economical concentrate; effective at dosages of 2-5% diluted
  with water
• Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect press parts
• Does not require alcohol substitutes or IPA
• Compatible with conventional, hybrid and UV inks
• Compatible with baked or unbaked plates
• Offers a wider operating window with a wide variety of
  substrates and presses

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