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Varn Press Washes

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Blue Ribbon Wash - A Premium Low-Odor, Low-Vapor-Pressure, Water-Miscible Wash | Excellent premium cleaning ability | Low vapor pressure, 2.7 mm Hg at 20˙ C | Water miscible to clean solvent and water based contaminants | Cleans ink, gum glaze and paper lint simultaneously 

ABC Wash - Strong, Economical Wash for Automatic Blanket Cleaners | Water-Miscible | Removes both solvent soluble and water soluble glazes in a single washup | Approved by Baldwin for use in automatic blanket cleaners on web presses | Strong, low-vapor-pressure cleaner | Lowers VOC emissions

V-120 - The Industry's finest Water-Miscible Wash | Contains Hydro-Flex®which extends roller and blanket life | Removes ink and water soluble glaze in one easy application | Improves roller ink receptivity | Will not rob rollers and blankets of their natural oils, keeping them in “like new” condition

V-253 - Strong, Fast Drying | Water-Miscible | Deep-cleaning for increased productivity | Superior product mileage

Pronto - A Fast Drying, Economical Wash | Water-Miscible | Strong ink cleaner | Low odor




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