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Mitsubishi Fountain Solutions & Additives

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SLM-OD is formulated for use with conventional dampening systems. The solution is diluted 1 to 15 with tap water, making it an economical choice. Normal conductivity range is 900-1500, providing your press operators with a wide sweet spot for success.

SLM-OH is a SilverMaster Etch.

SLM-OA1 is an alcohol substitute. That helps both your business and the environment by making your pressroom more user-friendly and more ecologically sound. When added to your fountain solutions, SLM-OA1 helps the ink and water to blend more completely, up and down the ink train. SLM-OA1 is recommended for use on presses with continuous dampening systems. Just adding 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. per gallon of dampening solution makes the difference.

SLM-OA2 is a much milder wetting agent than SLM-OA1. It helps to attract and keep more water on the plate surface, without affecting dampening solution conductivity. A versatile performer, SLM-OA2 works well in presses with conventional dampening systems, continuous dampening systems and integrated dampening systems. It is also compatible with fountain solutions that contain alcohol or alcohol substitutes. Mix 1/2 oz. to 2 oz per gallon to improve your production process.

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