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Burnishine Plate Cleaners

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PLATE SAV-UR is a one step cleaner, conditioner and scratch remover for most metal plates. When used as directed, Plate Sav-Ur thoroughly cleans the plate surface, and makes plates accept ink better. Plate Sav-Ur is an excellent restarter of standing metal plates, and can be used as a deglazer in dampening systems.

  • Removes scratches instantly
  • Removes scum, gum streaks & oxidation
  • Desensitizes plates for high-quality run
  • Makes plates accept ink better
  • Excellent restarter of standing plates
  • Nonflammable/Biodegradable

PLATE CARE is a one-step cleaner and preserver for any metal lithographic plate…including CTP, Thermal and Violet plates! Plate Care thoroughly cleans and finishes the plate surface, protects the plate from oxidation during storage, and may be used to clean plates on the press. Removing Plate Care is simple — just wipe the plate with a damp sponge or soft cloth!

  • Provides superior protection against oxidation
  • Effective on all metal plates—including CTP, Thermal and Violet
  • Excellent storage solution—saves plates up to a year when properly stored.

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