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Soft Touch Digital UV Coating 5822C

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Soft Touch Digital UV Coating 5822C

is an Offline press ready UV Soft touch Coating for use on paper and paperboard products.

The 5822C is formulated for use over digital inks and toners for improved adhesion.

The 5822C exhibits post curing immediately after curing and will increase in hardness 30 minutes after curing.

Performance may vary due to different inks, coatings and substrate products and applications. Gloss levels will vary depending on coating weight and press speed. While 5822C is considered imprintable and foil stampable; pre-testing the coating in the specific application is recommended prior to application. Pre-testing the 5822C in the specific application prior to use is recommended to ensure compatibility with inks, coatings and papers being used.

• This product is not suitable for use on food packaging for direct food contact.

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