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PlateWriter 3600 Pro

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  • Affordability – Significantly smaller investment than the cost of current, laser-based plate imaging systems
  • Ease-of-use – Operates in daylight conditions; no pressroom changes are required to plate clamping or press chemistries
  • Reduces plate production costs – The cost per plate is less than the cost of conventional metal platemaking methods
  • Environmentally friendly – No disposal of processing chemicals into the waste stream eliminating disposal costs
  • Suitable for commercial printers, small and medium newspapers, and some book printing.
  • Compatible with 2-up, 4-up and 8-up press formats up to 914 x 1140 mm.
  • Imaging Speed: 4:20 min. 400x511 (15.7x20.1) / 5:59 min. 550x650 (21.7x25.6) / 6:57 min. 605x745 (23.8x29.3)
  • Press Run Length - 50,000 imp

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