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Agfa Eclipse Process Free Plates

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The most convenient process-free printing plate.

Eclipse eliminates the need for a processor/clean-out unit, saving you money, maintenance time and floor space. In addition, Eclipse is just as easy to use as a conventional offset plate, combining press purity with superior and stable image contrast and excellent scratch resistance. And it is flexible too, as it can be used with either conventional or UV inks.

Superior and stable image contrast

Eclipse features a superior and stable image contrast, enabling quick visual image inspection, as well as recognition by punch & bending systems. Even after a week of storage, there will be no mix-ups on press or costly plate remakes.

Office-light stability

Eclipse keeps its great contrast even after 24 hours in office light, which makes an enormous difference compared to the two hours of other process-free plates. During this period, print quality will be fully preserved in terms of dot gain, toning, start-up time...

Excellent scratch resistance

Eclipse is highly resistant to scratches, which means you can handle the plate without worrying about damaging it. As plates don’t get scratched, they won’t need to be remade either – gaining you time.

Keeps your press clean

Thanks to Eclipse’s patented process-free technology, the coating of the plate gets transferred to the first few printed sheets – instead of to the fountain, ink or rollers, as is the case with other process-free printing plates. In addition, Eclipse gives you quite some leeway in terms of maintenance, founts or start-up procedure. You can rest assured that this plate will work its wonders at all times.


Plate type Negative-working thermal photopolymer offset plate

Substrate High-quality grained and anodized aluminum

Spectral sensitivity 830 nm (thermal laser diode)

Practical sensitivity 110-130 mJ/cmÇ

Platesetter compatibility Compatible with 830 nm platesetters

Image contrast Excellent and stable

Plate sizes All common plate sizes

Resolution (depending on platesetter)

• XM 240lpi @2400 dpi: 1-99% (depending on platesetter)

• FM 25

Gauges All common plate gauges

Run length (depending on print conditions) Up to 200,000 (UV inks: 50,000)


Room lighting Office light

Room conditions (T, RH) 18-24 °C (64-75 °F), < 65% RH

Storage conditions Below 32 °C (90 °F), <70% RH

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